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- Foto: Raj Mehta / USA TODAY Sports

In addition to LeBron, the NBA had fights involving such stars as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal.

The new controversy in the NBA includes superstar LeBron James. The forward was involved in an uproar after assaulting the Detroit Pistons Isaiah Stewart during Saturday’s game. At the time, in a free-throw dispute in the third quarter of the game, he hit LeBron Stewart in the face, who in turn went after the Lakers star. Athletes were fired.

The show caused widespread confusion, and Stewart had to be restrained by his teammates. The player’s face was bleeding. But this wasn’t the first – and it shouldn’t be, the last – brawl ever recorded in the NBA. In fact, not even stars like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have escaped.

– Foto: Raj Mehta / USA TODAY Sports

Larry Bird x Julius Irving

This fight attracts attention as it features two of the greatest players in NBA history. They actually took a beating in 1984, when Baird didn’t like the harsh misconduct by Irving. The result was an all-out quarrel, which also led to the dismissal of two other stars: Charles Barkley and Moses Malone.

Charles Barkley x Shaquille O’Neal

The duo have always been known for their off-court feud, but they established a real quarrel within him in 1999. The bullshit started with complaining about a foul and ended with Charles throwing the ball in Shaq’s face, starting the fight that ended up happening. To be separated by other Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets players.

Michael Jordan x Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller debuted after a mess with Michael Jordan. At the time, the Chicago Bulls legend was alarmed by a mistake and chased after the Indiana Pacers star in 1993. Confusion spread and almost all the teams exchanged punches.

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Kobe Bryant x Reggie Miller

The same Reggie Miller appeared again. Even Kobe did not survive a quarrel. After Miller’s harassment, the Los Angeles Lakers’ idol was snatched after the match ended. Shaquille O’Neal, quoted previously, was part of this mess.

Ron Artist

In this case, the fight did not involve one person, but an entire team. Artest provoked and attacked the Pistons players in a brawl that involved nine athletes as well as dozens of Detroit Pistons fans. So far, one of the biggest brawls recorded in the NBA.