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Impressive rescue of a woman from a dangling truck after a collision

Impressive rescue of a woman from a dangling truck after a collision

According to firefighters in Louisville, Ohio, the woman remained calm during the moment she was removed from the truck that was hanging.

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5 hours ago
By Minoto News

Last week, an impressive moment was captured and shared on social media: the rescue of a woman from a truck that was left dangling after a collision in Louisville, Kentucky.

The collision occurred at the beginning of the month. A driver collided with the bridge barrier and the car stopped. Emergency teams arrived at the scene and began the rescue operation, which lasted about 40 minutes. The woman remained calm throughout the procedure.

The local fire chief praised the woman for her bravery, saying she “stood up like a hero.” The bridge was closed to traffic during the rescue operation.

I stopped by the Clark Memorial Bridge this afternoon to say thank you beyond belief @KYTC The team for their work and commitment to safety. Thank you to these heroic leaders and first responders for their efforts over the past 24 hours. Really proud of Louisville and our state! pic.twitter.com/xIhldTQC5E

-Mayor Craig Greenberg (@LouisvilleMayor) March 2, 2024

“But as soon as she set foot on the ground, she was able to free herself from all her emotions and felt relieved. It's impressive,” she added.

According to the official, it was “fortunate” that the car fell into the water approximately 23 meters away.

On behalf of the City of Louisville, I would like to extend a huge thank you to Firefighter Bryce Carden and the other first responders who rushed to the scene today and bravely rescued the truck driver on the Clark Memorial Bridge. She is alive thanks to your heroic efforts. pic.twitter.com/32df5oqe6k

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-Mayor Craig Greenberg (@LouisvilleMayor) March 1, 2024

The firefighter who brought the woman to land explained that although they were prepared to “do crazy things, the situation went beyond that.”

Watch the moment in the gallery above.

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