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Immigrants on their way to the United States gather in southern Mexico and receive large numbers of traction

Immigrants to the United States gathered in southern Mexico

By Jose Torres

Tapasula, Mexico (Reuters) – Immigrant groups from Haiti and Central America joined forces on Thursday as they left the southern Mexican city of Tapacula to cross the U.S. border.

About 3,000 immigrants have arrived in small groups near Guatemala, the southern border of Mexico in recent weeks, resting and continuing their journey north, and are part of a larger caravan.

About 150 people, mostly from Haiti, gathered at a park to travel north between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, a Reuters reporter said.

Meanwhile, members of another expatriate caravan also began to leave Tapachula this Thursday, where they had been waiting for months. They went to Veracruz after agreeing on meeting points through messaging applications and social networks.

Ana Gomez, a 32-year-old Salvador woman traveling with her three children, her sister and daughter-in-law, said she spent a month in Dabachula.

She said she did not refuse to stay in Mexico, even though her destination was the United States.

U.S. authorities have arrested more than 1.7 million immigrants on the U.S.-Mexico border in the current fiscal year, the highest number ever recorded.


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