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Immersive Willy Wonka exhibit scares kids in UK

Immersive Willy Wonka exhibit scares kids in UK

The immersive experience, set in Glasgow, has been criticized for its strange appearance: 'It looks like a meth lab'

A Fantastic chocolate factory If it existed it would be one of the most mysterious places in the world. And this Willy's Chocolate Experience He promised to bring this atmosphere to the audience in a spectacular exhibition set up in Glasgow, Scotland. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out.

Tickets cost the equivalent of US$44, attraction not included Wonka (2023), from Warner Bros.But the pieces created by the event's marketing suggested inspiration from the classics Road Dal. “A universe where baking dreams come to life”, “Mind-expanding projections, optical wonders and visuals that transport you to the realm of creativity” and “Wonderful creations and enchanting surprises at every turn!”

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Those responsible for the event used artificial intelligence tools to connect the pieces, which gave a very different impression from what the exhibition actually presented. According to reports published in the sun, visitors were disappointed with what they found when they arrived at the venue. One person described the event as “a sparsely decorated warehouse with lots of plastic props, a small bouncy castle and a few scenes plastered on the walls.”

The police were called, which shut down the event and parents complained about the “experience” which scared the children. Organizers returned the tickets and apologized for a “very stressful and frustrating day”, telling patrons: “Unfortunately, we were disappointed in many areas of our event and we've kept trying to move forward, and I realize that now. We should have canceled first thing this morning.

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Experience Willy Wonka in Glasgow pic.twitter.com/Dv9nl8JkpE

— Victor Oliveira ☕ (@victoroliveira) February 28, 2024

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