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“I’m going to the US because I’m bad”

“I’m going to the US because I’m bad”

Marcia Fu’s speech in “Defront com Blogueirinha” has gone viral on social media. At the moment, the former volleyball player, ten times nominated as the best player in the world, commented on being a high-performance athlete, and when asked, she also spoke about the performance of Ke Alves, former BBB player and volleyball athlete, on the courts.

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“I played (for) 20 years. I actually stopped because of surgery on my knee and shoulder. I have three pins in my shoulder and my knee can barely walk. All the cartilage is worn down, from wearing heels so much. With a high-performance athlete, just like I was, yeah (that’s normal).”

Blogueirinha then wants to know if Key Alves is a high-performance athlete from Marcia’s point of view, to which she replies: “Not really. It doesn’t mean that she plays differently… Actually, can I be honest? I don’t know much about her.” Key Alves plays, we open the doors for her, but the real player was me, Fernanda Venturini, (Ana Beatriz) Moser, look, who took it seriously, imagine Cuba today and in the past, those Cuban women. Who jumped 1.5 meters and got involved in shit.”

Without mentioning the interview or Marcia, Key Alves used his social networks to post photos of the medal, the trophy and the uniform he carries at home. In addition to laughing, the athlete wrote: “The experts will understand and God will answer. Now I go to the United States because I am very bad at volleyball.”

Key Alves sends indirect messages on social media – Image: Reproduction/Instagram

The former BBB player is confirmed to play in the upcoming season of League One volleyball. The player’s last club was Osasco, in 2022, when she injured her knee. In 2023, Key entered “Big Brother Brasil 23” and participated in the exchange dynamics with the program. In the United States, Key will play for Houston.

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With the fallout, Kei decided to be direct in her response: “Just to emphasize that, yes, I am a high-performance athlete. For those who don’t know, you become a high-performance athlete from the first moment. I’ve reached the professional level, and I don’t understand why they want to belittle me in what I am a professional at, which is playing volleyball. You can try to get rid of that, but you won’t, because I have spent 13 years training for this, so say I’m bad, say what you want, my million-dollar contract with the biggest league in the world and he is 24 years old is guaranteed for two years, except for my entire volleyball career, I understand that you are uncomfortable, it is not easy to see my life and I don’t want it to be the same.”

Finally, Ki concluded:

“No one has the right to diminish or belittle anyone’s work just because they’re an Olympic medalist. Great for anyone, and good luck to anyone who dreams and tries to get there. Thank God, I’ve never had to belittle anyone’s struggle, especially the last athlete in your sport. That’s crazy, right, I never imagined idols would do that.”

Key Alves responds to Marcia Fu – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram