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Isabel regrets losing Boi Garantido in competition at Parintins Festival: “Nothing diminishes my pride”

Isabel regrets losing Boi Garantido in competition at Parintins Festival: “Nothing diminishes my pride”

After shows at 57 Parintins Festivalor guaranteed bull lost the battle against VolatileThe investigation was completed on Monday, 1st. A. Being-Buranga Former red and white BBB member Isabel Nogueira took to social media to comment on the result and express her pride in her group.

“My love @boigarantido, my childhood toy, eternal champion, light among the crowd. Nothing diminishes my pride in being red, red-skinned and pierced! Boi Garantido, you are synonymous with tradition but also with overcoming it!

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Manawara took the opportunity to thank the dedication of the people who devoted their efforts to preparing the groups to compete in the festival.

“I thank and congratulate all the participants in this show,” she continued. “The craftsmen, the painters, the welders, the symbolists, the directors, the choreographers, the dancers, the musicians, and most of all my passionate, embodied audience, who vibrate and emanate from the stands.”

“My number ten is not just mine, it’s ours! Because I’m a drop in this ocean! We’ll meet again soon,” she concluded.

Fans and friends praised the sister’s performance. “It was amazing! Congratulations on your commitment and, above all, on taking your culture everywhere! You deserve all the appreciation!” commented a former BBB member. Matthew Amaral“It was beautiful,” he said. Lady Ellenanother fellow prisoner. “You will always be our sister-in-law in Brazil,” one follower praised. “Thank you Issa! For bringing the whole of Brazil’s attention to the festival!” another netizen thanked.

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