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Illumina Bandanal is the finalist for an International Innovation Award in the United Kingdom - Government Matteo Grosso du Zul Portal

Illumina Bandanal is the finalist for an International Innovation Award in the United Kingdom – Government Matteo Grosso du Zul Portal

The “Illumina Bandanal” project, which will bring electricity to more than 5,000 people living in remote areas of Mado Grosso do Sulin Bandanal by 2022, has been nominated for the world’s largest awards for innovation in solar production: o Solar and Savings Live Awards 2021, Which will take place from 23 to 25 November in Birmingham, England.

The project, developed by concessionaire Energiza in collaboration with the government of Aneel (National Electric Power Corporation) and Matteo Grosso do Sul, competes with two other initiatives in this segment.International Solar and / or Savings Plan of the Year“- In Portuguese: International Solar and / or Storage Program of the Year.

The award is presented by a non-profit organization called Solar Energy UK, which represents the entire solar and energy saving value chain, led by members of more than 230 companies and associates.

“The Illumina Bandal” expands access to electricity and improves the quality of life of the people by providing clean energy that protects animals and plants, “explains Governor Reynolds Asambooza. Rio Verde will take on new coverage for municipalities. This region is almost the size of Portugal, or larger than Denmark and the Netherlands. ”

The nomination of Energisa Mato Grosso do Sul, CEO of Marcelo Vinhaes, for the “Illumina Bandanal” award reinforces the pride of the state team. Energiza is an international highlight of our Pantanal by taking this initiative as one of the largest gatherings of renewable energy in the world. We will continue to invest in innovation and sustainability. We firmly believe that we have developed a pioneering and robust solution that will significantly improve the quality of life of the people and make a significant contribution to the sustainable development of what is considered to be the natural heritage of mankind.

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Secretary of State for Environment, Economic Development, Production and Family Agriculture Mato Grosso do Sul, Jaime Verouk, says the nomination for the award recognizes the general policy of sustainability adopted by the state government.

“This confirms that the pontoonal protection and security strategy worked in tandem with the strategy of expanding the clean energy of Mado Grosso do Sul. With direct service to manufacturers and all who live there, we serve the remote area with a sustainable plan.

The project will serve more than 5,000 biological residents

Photos: Chico Ribeiro