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"If there is anything, we will change"

“If there is anything, we will change”

The Flamengo coach responded to the controversies of the week: criticism of the medical department and the possibility of “handing over” the position.

NS flamingo He ended a turbulent week with a victory over the Boss Atletico MG Ratio of 1 to 0 in the Maracana fur Brazilian. After the match, Renato Gaucho answered the issues that dominated the controversial Red and Black Week, such as the information he said I would hand over the job after eliminating Brazil Cup and as Criticisms of the medical department from the club.

“There are better things to stay inside. I always talk a lot with Braz and Bruno, they are people who are with us every day, and help us a lot. These are the people that Flamingo needs the most. I exchanged some ideas with them after Wednesday’s game, but I don’t want to go into details.”, the coach answered when asked if he had handed over the position.

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I had a very good conversation with the boss yesterday, who was on CT. He added that there are certain things that I prefer to stay inside.”

As for the medical department, which was the focus of an internal crisis after Pedro’s surgery, Renato Gaucho confirmed that internal changes would be made if necessary.

“Until then, I have no complaints”, summarizes Renato.

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“The masses can be assured: if there is something – a lot of people are talking, even a lot – If anything, we will change Always for the good of the club.”

“The Flamengo is so huge, it is a huge pressure for all the professionals. If there is something we have to correct or change within the Flamengo, We are flamingo professionals, changing inwardAnalyze.

“We have smart people inside the club with whom I exchange a lot of ideas. I exchanged a lot of ideas with Juan, and with Fabinho, it was a pleasure to play with them and they are with us on a daily basis. We always try to do what is best for the club. There are many people who take something, and throw it on the fan, without having the information inside.”, He said.