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Ida Beatriz Is Among Agro's 100 Powerful Women, According To Forbes |  Caceres News

Ida Beatriz Is Among Agro’s 100 Powerful Women, According To Forbes | Caceres News

Junior Campos

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Ida Beatriz Miranda Saa, president of the Cáceres Rural Federation (MT), says she has a feminine world around her.

Caceres is now highlighted worldwide as a woman on the famous Forbes list. The list was released on Friday (15/10) and 100 Women Bring Strong Women into Agriculture, according to the publication.
As found on the site , prominent women everywhere. Increasingly, they occupied important spaces in society. It is no different in the field of agribusiness, yesterday (15) was the International Day of Rural Women, which was established by the United Nations (UN) in 1995 with the aim of raising global awareness of the importance of this female figure as a hero in economic, social, environmental and political changes. Forbes Brasil is capitalizing on history to launch its first “100 Strong Women in Agriculture” list, with names transforming different sectors of the sector.
Among them is Ida Beatriz who works as a cattle breeder in Mato Grosso and was elected president of the Cáceres Rural Union (MT), in the heart of the Pantanal. She is the first woman to occupy the chair, which is an exception in a world led by men.
According to a survey by DBO, a platform that specializes in livestock, in 2020, just over 100 women lead rural unions in the country.
Ida took office in May last year, amid one of the largest droughts and fires in the biome. It is no coincidence that one of the axes of his work is the diversification of the Pantanal’s economic matrix and the strengthening of fire brigades.

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