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Hyundai rewards HB20 owner with 0km model

Hyundai rewards HB20 owner with 0km model

Hyundai celebrated an amazing milestone achieved by the owner of the HB20 hatchback. In appreciation, he decided to gift this customer a new Hyundai model. Check out what he did in particular to deserve the award below.

For the utmost care, the Hyundai HB20 owner has been given a 0 km model by the manufacturer

José Milton Balbino Jr. and his 2016 Hyundai HB20 at the completion of the 50th vehicle inspection (Photo: Disclosure / Hyundai Motor Brasil)

The owner of the 2016 Hyundai HB20 Comfort Plus 1.0, Jose Milton Balbino Jr., completed the 50th periodic inspection of his vehicle, all of which were performed at the same dealer, HMB Hymax, in Mogi Guaçu-SP.

In a period of not less than seven years, Balbino drove the car 500,000 km.

Hyundai customer has been welcomed to the dealership before CEO of Hyundai Motor Brazil, ayrton cosso, He had a pleasant surprise: he received it as a gift 0 km HB20S Platinum Plus in appreciation of the utmost care and preservation of the safety of your vehicle.

We were fascinated by the story of Junior and his HB20, which is a true testament to the owner’s care for the car and the importance of regular inspections at the dealership to maintain original factory quality.“, explains Koso.

“We present to you now The latest sedan version, Hyundai HB20S Platinum PlusWe are confident that it will continue to drive another 500,000 kilometers, with the same attention to the safety and quality of vehicle maintenance.”

In addition to the 0 km model, Hyundai HB20 owners receive other gifts

Hyundai rewards HB20 owner with 0km model
Balbino Jr. will have Free access to the first three reviews of his new HB20S 0km (Image: Disclosure/Hyundai)

In addition to the 0 km Hyundai HB20S Platinum Plus, the Balbino Jr. Also receive a free service for the next three inspections, a fuel voucher from Shell worth R$ 5,000 and an appreciation plate from Hyundai Motor Brasil.

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The sedan that won the award enjoys free accessories from Mobis, such as a luxury aluminum sill, anti-theft wheel locks, a protection kit for door handles, and side trims in the color of the car.

Conducting regular inspections makes a big difference, regardless of the age of the car, as it greatly reduces the possibility of having to carry out corrective maintenance, which usually causes great inconvenience and high costs.says Balbino Jr.

He explains that, by always having inspections at the same dealership, he was able to get his Hyundai HB20 to 50,000 kilometers with the same quality as when it left the factory. “My plan is to spend many years with this new car, without any worries about repeating this good practice,” he adds.

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