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Hyundai Crete wins Tucson Design in early restyling

Hyundai Crete wins Tucson Design in early restyling

I found out at the end of last month, the early redesign will be applied in The new generation of Hyundai Crete It didn’t take long for the design details to be revealed at the drop. With changes focused primarily on front assembly, the mid-life update will have the task of correcting the current model’s controversial styling, as well as aligning it with the brand’s latest aesthetic trends.

Recently tuned units in tests confirm that Tucson as a main source of inspiration. In the foreground, for example, the visual assembly will still be divided, but now with more integrated and better integrated elements. The main headlights will be at the bottom (with a more vertical design), while the LED daytime running lights will be located directly above. The grid will have a revised format and a more attractive design.

To keep pace with the changes, the alloy wheels on the sides will be reshaped according to each version. The back is not shown in the show, but it will also be significantly modified. Today’s controversial lanterns, with their oddly divided elements, should receive special attention and be coordinated similar to the pieces already seen in Tucson. The bumper will also be new, as will the trunk lid.

The facelift will be launched next year, starting in China – where the new generation of Crete has been sold since 2019. After that, the changes will apply to the model sold in India and other Asian markets. In Brazil, the new Crete will be launched in a few months, but it will still maintain its controversial appearance (As shown in recent events). The redesign here should take some time, and it will only come in a second.

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New Hyundai Creta face-lift - projection

Despite the polarizing appearance, the new National Crete will hit stores with several developments, including a 1.0 turbo engine and equipment such as four-wheel disc brakes (the current model uses a drum system on the rear axle) and an automatic emergency braking system.

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