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Animal precisou ser resgatado por uma escavadeira

Huge snake saves excavator and scares workers – News

that Huge snake rescued In a tropical forest in Dominica, a Caribbean island, it left many people shocked at its size.

The animal rescue video went viral on Reddit and Twitter, attracting comments who speculated whether it was possible. It wasn’t the biggest snake ever.

The animal had to be removed from Hidden among the trees With the help of an excavator, after it is found, workers are cleaning an area of ​​u200bu200bthe forest.

One commenter said: “It looks like a big world record out there.” Another said with similar admiration: “Really! This thing is really huge.”

Although liked by some, most responses indicated that the animal was probably around 3.5 metres, much less than giant snakeswhich on average reach 6.5 meters.

Other comments indicated that the intimidating size also had little to do with the perspective generated by the bucket comparison. Undoubtedly, the snake found was very large, but smaller than the actual record.

In 1912, an incredible 10-meter-long snake was found entangled, which has since been considered a record for the lengths of snakes. In captivity, a female of the species known as Medusa has reached 7.25 m.

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But independent reports Made by explorers From wild areas, which have not been approved by scientific teams, they can handle larger animals.

One of them is from a diver who has photographed a 9-meter anaconda swimming calmly in the Amazon River. Read below!