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How to Share Tweets to Instagram Stories قصص

How to Share Tweets to Instagram Stories قصص

Do you usually take a screenshot of a tweet so you can share it on Instagram Stories? If your answer is yes and you have a Iphone, we have good news.

Twitter this week released a function to share any post within Instagram Stories. At the moment, freshness will only be allowed for users of the Apple operating system. The network has not yet revealed when the news will appear for those using the Android platform.

Sharing tweets in stories is very simple. enough:

  • open the post that interests you – it can be yours or someone else -;
  • Click or tap the share icon below to the right of any post;
  • Select Instagram Stories from among the sharing options.

If you enable File social networks To share Insta Stories on Facebook social networking siteThe post will also show this other platform option.

Sharing works best when it’s just a text tweet. If the post, for example, contains a file LinkStories cannot be clicked. Also, live videos and attractions don’t work either: photos are frozen.

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But you can use all the other tools to edit Instagram stories, like resizing, adding stickers, filters, or photos of yourself, changing the background, etc. It works like Spotify’s music and podcast sharing, for example.

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The novelty has been tested for some people since December 2020. The tests seem to have worked, after about six months, the functionality has been released to everyone.

According to Phone Arena, Twitter is also testing tweet engagement not only in Stories, but also in major Instagram feed posts.