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How to check if someone has deleted or deactivated Facebook

How to check if someone has deleted or deactivated Facebook

Can’t find someone on Facebook? Learn how to find out if your profile has been deleted, disabled, or if you have been banned on the social network

April 21st
– 22:00

(updated at 11:11 p.m.)

If you can’t find someone’s profile on FacebookIt is possible that the person deleted or deactivated his account, or you were blocked by him. Fortunately, there are some tips to help you decide which of these situations is right for you.

How to find out if someone has deleted or deactivated their profile

There is no exact way to know if someone is Deleted Facebook account Or if only Temporarily disabled presence on the platform. If the person changes their username, it will also make it difficult to find the profile again.

However, there are some clues to help you understand what might happen if you notice that a person’s profile is no longer on Facebook or that the number of friends has dropped unexpectedly.

Find the person on Facebook

The first step in determining if you can still find someone’s Facebook profile is to perform a search for their name in the platform’s search bar.

If the profile is not found, it may have been deleted. However, if you find the person’s profile, but get the message “Sorry, this content is currently unavailable” when accessing it, you may have been banned or the account deactivated.

Note that the person has also changed Facebook privacy settings So that it does not appear in the search suggestions of others. Therefore, this form does not provide certainty as to why the profile is not visible to you.

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Check conversations in Messenger

If you’ve had conversations with the person on Facebook Messenger, you can check their message history. If her profile picture still appears in the conversation, but you can access her profile or send new messages, that’s a sign that you’ve been blocked.

Now, if the person deactivates or deletes their Facebook account, their photo and name will not appear in the conversation again. Instead, the name “Facebook User” is displayed with your profile picture or blank. It is worth noting that only a blank image is not a confirmation that the account has been deactivated.

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See the list of mutual friends

Another person’s friend list can be used as the basis for selecting a Facebook profile. To do this, you just need to visit a mutual friend, open the list of friends and find a specific person. If you cannot find it, it is possible that the profile has been removed from the platform.

This method also works if one of your friends has hidden their friends list, since you can still see their mutual friends on Facebook.

Check the banned list

The list of users you have blocked on Facebook can help you determine if someone has blocked your account or deleted your profile. To see how this process works, follow the steps below and the computer or mobile app:

  1. access the Facebook settings menu;
  2. select the “Blocked” section;
  3. Click on the Add to Blocked List option and find the person you suspect has blocked you or deleted the profile.
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If you find the person’s name, they may have blocked your Facebook profile; Otherwise, if you cannot find a person’s account, it is very likely that he deactivated or deleted his account on the social network.

And if you want to search for others on an alternative profile, you can learn How to log into another Facebook account without logging out.

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