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How is the T-shirt that Palmeiras will release exclusively for fans of the members

How is the T-shirt that Palmeiras will release exclusively for fans of the members

Palmeiras will only sell a new T-shirt to members straight aheadwith unit limit per CPF

Last Tuesday (13), a Palm trees She announced that she will be releasing a new shirt which is the fourth model of the season. The form will be sold exclusively to members of the Member Support Program. straight ahead.

It will only be sold at palmsstore.com And in physical stores Palmeiras shopwith sales limited to one unit per CPF.

According to the first published portal UOL confirmed ESPN.com.brThe piece will be white with green and red detailing on the sleeves and collar. By the way, the sleeves will be long.

The novelty will not be used on the field by players, being an exclusive model for fans.

The inspiration was the 2 uniform used by the Palestinian team since 1937, which was the last to receive a shield IP From the “Italy Lecture”. Subsequently, the club changed its name and badge.

The design is even approved by Palmeiras and puma Just last year, during the administration of former President Mauricio Galeotti.

Initially, it was scheduled to launch in mid-2022, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the name change from Palestra Italia to Palmeiras.

However, after the idea of ​​selling the T-shirt exclusively to members straight aheadThe premiere of the play has been postponed to the latter part of 2022.

It should be noted that in the meantime, Verdão has launched its new No. 3 shirt, Aqua Green, which It was introduced on the team’s anniversary, in August.

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