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How is Rodrigo Faro if Faustao goes to score?

How is Rodrigo Faro if Faustao goes to score?

On Record, the news that Fausto Silva left the band was seen with good eyes. Channel executives spent the morning discussing the matter and evaluating a potential contract opportunity with the showrunner.

Internally, two conclusions were already reached.

the first: If there is an agreement, it will be on a more modest basis than in Band – read: a salary more in line with current reality.

the second: Once the contract is signed, Fausto will be back for the weekends, no daily program as it used to happen.

At the end of last year, Faustau held talks with the directors at the station, but he preferred to stay with Band.

At the Barra Funda station, it’s only up to the high command, not least because there’s a sensitive subject at stake: the future of Rodrigo Faro. With Hora do Faro performing poorly in terms of ratings in recent months, Faustão returning to the path that made him famous meant having to move Faro to a new project and time slot.

Behind the scenes, the relationship between Faro and Record has been rocky recently. The contract was renewed with a lower salary. Recently, the presenter made it clear to his colleagues that he would prefer to be ahead of reality shows. The announcer also complained about not being seen on other shows in the house.

He sought to confirm the negotiations with Fausto Silva, Record has not commented on the matter.