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He is not mistaken!  Specialist says Jade Picon gave Arthur Aguiar a new career;  know why

He is not mistaken! Specialist says Jade Picon gave Arthur Aguiar a new career; know why

São Paulo, April 19, 2022, by Jota Jackson – Entertainment Section of the website Prime Minister’s Notes brings another article about Arthur Agyar. Namely, reality show specialist Chico Barney, of UOL, made a live broadcast where he and other guests evaluated the final stretch of Big Brother Brasil 22.

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So, according to Barney, while the last of the “BBB 22” inmates, including Arthur Aguiar, get mud in their face at the final boss test, Jade Picon has fun. In addition, the former bbb has been with Anitta and Pabllo Vittar at the Coachella Music Festival, in the United States. And so, on Monday’s “Splash Show” special, Chico Barney, Dantas and Bruno Carvalho discuss the final moves of the most watched house in Brazil.

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Bruno says Arthur Aguiar is the rest and the other big names left too soon

According to Bruno, some of the detainees who had already left understood that this BBB had already given what he had to give. “Whoever really understood that this ‘BBB’ had already given what it had to give, left a long time ago,” Bruno said. So they said that the first rat to leave the ship was Thiago Abravanel.

In addition, Bruno also mentioned that Jade Picon should be very happy in California, enjoying great performances rather than suffering at the infamous BBB xepa. On the other hand, for Chico Barney, Jade, apart from Globo Studios, is “without a doubt, the name of this show”.

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Therefore, Barney said that without the influencer everything would have been completely different. After all, it was she who, in other words, gave Arthur Aguiar a new profession. So, the commentator said that more than Myra Cardi, who made Arthur Aguiar reborn, was really Jade Picon.

“I am happy to have defended Jade Picon from day one. Anyone can make mistakes, but admitting a mistake takes character. Jade has already admitted, but Arthur has always been and always will be powerless. Jadoca, says Dilma: “History will be stubborn with those who think Today they are winners.” Believe me!” One user commented.

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