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How Antony survived at Corinthians

How Antony survived at Corinthians

The coach spoke with president Augusto Melo and football executive Fabinho Soldado ahead of the trip He did not receive a final warning, but he understood that he was being tested.

Augusto said Corinthians would bring in reinforcements and acknowledged the squad’s limitations, but also said Timao could offer more. With the current players and that the relegation zone is not justified.

Fabinho Soldado defended Antonio Oliveira. The manager said that the team is suffering from serious problems and that the turning point may be in the July transfer window.

Fabinho also claimed that another change could be detrimental to an already troubled Corinthians squad He pointed out that the players are closed with the technical committee, in addition to remembering the classifications in the Brazilian and South American Cups.

Antonio then went to face Atletico knowing he needed to provide an answer. The alternative was to choose whoever he thought could perform, not whoever had more ‘status’ at the club.

Coach Mathewsinho, Gustavo Henrique and Igor Coronado banned three reinforcements from this administration. The young men threw: Leo Mana, Caetano and Gustavo Mosquito. In the second half, Mateus Araújo, Kaikeyi and Arthur Souza all came on from the base.

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