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Understand how Carlos Miguel upset Antonio and left him without ‘atmosphere’ at Corinthians |  Corinth

Understand how Carlos Miguel upset Antonio and left him without ‘atmosphere’ at Corinthians | Corinth

Antonio Oliveira says Carlos Miguel will no longer play for Corinthians

About to leave CorinthOnce the sale to Nottingham Forest was completed, goalkeeper Carlos Miguel found himself “no atmosphere” in CT Joaquim Grava’s daily life for several days. Cutting the list of players linked to the match against Atletico PR on Sunday worsened the situation and made coach Antonio Oliveira bid farewell to the 25-year-old.

– No, Carlos Miguel is no longer playing Corinth. I’ve already said that and said it in this group. Only those who want it and do it with passion are here at the club. Many of those in this position today should fulfill many people’s dream of being able to represent one of the biggest clubs. It’s upset, it’s upset, Carlos Miguel won’t play anymore Corinth – said the coach.

The goalkeeper’s position since the agreement with Nottingham Forest, which will pay the fine for terminating the player’s contract, has been worrying, especially in recent days. Carlos Miguel was suspended against Internacional on Wednesday, and it is normal for him to return to the team’s goal. Corinth vs. Atletico-PR.

Carlos Miguel is expected to leave Corinthians this weekend – Image: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

The 25-year-old will remain at the club until the end of June and could see him off in the derby match against Palmeiras, on the first day of July. But Saturday morning’s activity aroused the ire of Antonio Oliveira and the technical staff, anticipating the end of the segment, according to the coach’s words.

On Saturday, the goalkeeper reported pain in his ankle and was unable to work on the field. When asked about the player, Antonio Oliveira did not mention the reported problems.

No injuries were discovered during the assessments conducted before boarding Curitiba. Carlos Miguel, according to the investigation geHe received medical clearance to train and play.

The medical analysis that supported the trip angered the technical committee with the goalkeeper, given the claim of not playing in Curitiba.

Watch Carlos Miguel’s movements for Corinthians in the Brazilian League

The goalkeeper was among those on the list, but a complaint hours before the flight led to a delisting and a bad atmosphere upon the club’s arrival in the capital, Paraná. Goalkeeper Cado, aged just 19, has been called up to bolster the squad Corinth As a third goalkeeper.

The issue exhausted Carlos Miguel internally and displeased the Corinthians leadership, especially since the value of the termination fine that required the player to be released to Nottingham Forest had not yet reached the club’s account. The operation will cost about 4 million euros (23 million Brazilian reals).

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Carlos Miguel, signed by Antonio Oliveira, is set to bid farewell in the next few days, with Nottingham Forest paying the fine. The English must deposit the money in early July.

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