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horrifying!  The shark stranded the diver seconds before entering the sea - News

horrifying! The shark stranded the diver seconds before entering the sea – News

Closed! The submarine almost became a shark’s lunch when I got off the boat to swim off the coast of Heliwam, Hawaii. The video shared on Instagram shows the moment the animal emerges from the water with its mouth open.

Ocean Ramsay, a marine scholar, was about to enter the A place full of sharks To remove a piece of plastic that may contaminate the water and may be dangerous to animals.

Queen Nikki, a female tiger shark already known to researchers in the area, even met Ocean, who luckily avoided confrontation. “I saw a shark hitting a floating plastic so I ran to get it out and that was my greeting,” she said on Instagram.

Realizing that the animal was approaching very quickly with the big mouth open, The diver walked away Quickly climb up the boat ladder just in time does not sting. Ocean didn’t look worried or scared, and laughed at the situation.

So much so that after the unexpected confrontation with king of the seasI completely entered the sea without any worries.

on social networks, The diver mentioned that the shark He wasn’t trying to bite her: “I couldn’t see very far and I don’t think they could either, so I think Nikki was reacting more to my initial noise and shadow. I always like seeing their white bellies rise from the depths.”

Ocean also explained that this behavior, known as “spy jumping,” is not uncommon among sharks, and predators often stick their heads out of the water to check the surface at times when water conditions are poor.

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Added to the season of heavy rains and waves, which make the waters more cloudy, with the fact that tiger sharks do not see well, they end up swimming close to the surface, which increases the risk of encountering them, as was the case with the Ocean case.

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