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Hogwarts Legacy-focused state of play announced

Hogwarts Legacy-focused state of play announced

Good news for those who are looking forward to news about it Hogwarts Legacy. Sony just announced a new version of play condition, entirely dedicated to the game Avalanche Software. This will be sent Thursday (17) at 6 pm – Brasilia time.

According to the publication in PlayStation BlogThe show will run for 20 minutes, with over 14 minutes of RPG gameplay taking place in the Harry Potter universe. After that, the developers of Avalanche will provide some data about the game.

To watch the content, just access the PlayStation channels at Youtube or in Twitch, on the specified date. After the show, Sony is still promising to introduce a new article on the PS Blog, with more context for the Hogwarts Legacy news.

A few days ago, Troy Levitt, a former RPG developer, suggested that The news will actually be shown this month. The last (and only) trailer Released to the public at PlayStation Showcase 2020When Sony revealed a design PS5.

There is currently no release date for Hogwarts Legacy, although the Warner Bros. Confirmed Window for 2022. It is possible that your Gameplay will reveal this information.

Copyright Play . Streaming Status

In the same PS Blog post, Sony issued a notice to content creators intending to rebroadcast the show. According to the Japanese company, the presentation may contain licensed music that is protected by copyright. Read the full statement:

This broadcast may include content protected by copyright law (such as licensed music) that PlayStation does not control. We are grateful to disclose to many of the creators, but there are licensing agreements outside of our control that may interfere with parallel streams and VODs for this broadcast. If you want to save this broadcast as a VOD to create short videos or repost excerpts from the performance, we recommend that you delete any copyrighted music.

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