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High school students will learn science and technology at NASA

High school students will learn science and technology at NASA

October will be a special, and perhaps unforgettable, month for about a dozen high school students at COC Santa Rosália College, in Sorocaba. The reason is the opportunity to participate in the International Science and Technology Flight, an educational program in the Space Coast region, or more precisely at the NASA complex, the North American space agency, in the United States. The goal is to spark the interest of young talents in the fields of technology, engineering, science, and mathematics.

Promoted by KSCIA-International Space Academy, a leading academy in developing and delivering content that addresses the concept of “space education” in schools. There, the group will participate in a full experience in space science and technology, including a range of activities such as robotics, astrobiology, and the science behind rockets. Classes will be at the Space Education Center with top professionals from NASA, the Visitor Complex, a place that tells the story of space exploration.

Although this is the fourth time the school has participated in the programme, the Principal, Raul Mascarenhas Fonseca, insists on showing how happy he is to be among the six schools in Brazil selected to participate in the trip. “It’s a fantastic program that makes a difference in the lives of the participating students, both from an educational point of view, as each one of them matures, and doors open with opportunity,” Raoul explained.


Space Center, Florida, one of the places to visit

To join this wonderful journey, it was necessary to go through a selection process that included a knowledge test in the areas of mathematics and natural sciences and an interview to test the youth’s English language proficiency.

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Student Beatriz Aparecida Roncoleta is one of those who are thinking about making a dream come true. At just 17 years old, the young woman will be present at the educational exchange that takes place between October 16 and 22. “I was so surprised when I got the news. I even thought about not taking the test thinking I wouldn’t have a chance. My penny will only go down when I am there. It will be an incredible experience.”

During the immersion, which contains more than 40 hours of content and interaction, students will have the opportunity to share knowledge with companies related to space exploration and visit one of the major universities in the United States, Florida Institute of Technology.

According to José Carlos Filho, Latin America Project Director at the International Space Academy KSCIA, one of the center’s main purposes is to foster these students’ interest in the space profession. Jose Carlos explained: “In this life experience, we hope to discover new talents and inspire these young people to seek great opportunities in careers related to the space area.” (from the newsroom)