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Hidden mini game on Instagram?  Here's how to find and play

Hidden mini game on Instagram? Here's how to find and play

It may seem that Instagram It's just about the photos, videos and stories, but did you know there's a fun little secret behind the facade? That's right: The platform hides a small game of Pong, a relic of the 1970s, but with a modern twist. Here is an uncomplicated guide on how to enjoy this game right from your smartphone.

Start the hidden adventure on Instagram

First, open Instagram on your smartphone, whether it's Android or iPhone, it doesn't matter. The magic begins when you enter the application icon and dive into the world of direct messages, the corner of private conversations.

Find the game

From your list of chats, choose an existing chat or start a new chat. The next step is simple but essential: send an emoji. Either one will do, so choose the one you like best or that reflects your mood at the moment.

Open the emoji pong

After sending the emoji, tap on it. This will activate the secret game. Suddenly, amid the conversations and photo exchanges, you come across a simplified version of the classic arcade game Pong.

Understand the gameplay and controls

The gameplay is intuitive and fun: emojis replace a ping-pong ball and you control a black bar to prevent it from “falling.” Move the bar left or right by tapping and dragging it across the screen, keeping the emojis on for as long as possible.

Finish the match

After the fun is over, you can choose to play again or go back to normal Instagram browsing to see what's new. And if you've set a new record, why not take a screenshot and share it with your friends? It could be an interesting way to start a conversation on Stories or even outside Instagram, how about that?

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