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Doença é marcada pelo aparecimento de nódulos na pele -  (crédito: CDC)

Health reveals DF areas with more cases of disease

Published on 08/01/2022 22:33 / Updated on 08/01/2022 22:48

The disease is characterized by the appearance of nodules on the skin – (credit: CDC)

The Department of Health (SES-DF) has released a list of the most administrative districts Monkeypox cases in the Federal District. A portfolio survey, released Monday (8/1), listed Plano-Peloto, Juara and Aguas Claras as the three regions with five or more diagnoses.

So far, the country’s capital has 38 people confirmed to have the disease and 97 in records under investigation. The information in the document states that the patients are between the ages of 20 and 59 and the majority (37) are men.

With monkeypox recognized as a global emergency by the World Health Organization, the Federal District has raised the alert fighting One more virus. On Monday (1/8), the SES-DF began diagnosing the disease in the federal capital. Before that, the samples were sent to Rio de Janeiro. Expectations indicate that the results of the first wave of tests will be released on Tuesday (2/8).


Anyone with skin lesions such as spots or water blisters, with or without pus, should seek medical attention. They should look for health facilities, mainly: people who have had casual sexual partners and who have been in contact with confirmed or suspected cases, as well as those who have traveled to places where the diagnosis is most recent.

The disease is transmitted by contaminated surfaces, by direct contact with a patient’s injuries, with body fluids or respiratory droplets, as well as by approaching, without the use of a mask, infected individuals, even if they do not have skin wounds. The average time a treated person stops transmitting the disease is three to four weeks after the skin lesions have completely healed.

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Main symptoms

  • Headache;
  • Back ache;
  • severe weakness
  • fever above 38.5 ° C;
  • Muscle and body aches.
  • Swollen lymph nodes (lumps on the skin).
  • Skin lesions, which can also affect the genitals and rectum.