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Health crisis: all SUS emergency and emergency beds are full in the Campinas region |  Campinas and the region

Health crisis: all SUS emergency and emergency beds are full in the Campinas region | Campinas and the region

All emergency and SUS beds are occupied in the Campinas region

The São Paulo State Ministry of Health reported this on Friday (15). All emergency and emergency beds In the SUS of the Campinas Regional Health Department (DRS-7) Operating at maximum capacityany, There are no beds in emergency rooms and emergency rooms.

they 254 emergency and emergency beds In municipal and state public health units in 42 municipalities Who are part of DRS-7, and are based in Campinas.

Information obtained exclusively from EPTVIts TV Globo channel confirms the seriousness of the public health scenario in Campinas and the region.

The scenario this Friday on the SUS State Network:

  • Unicamp HC PS
    30 beds and 70 patients in the hospital
  • PS of Somare State Hospital
    12 beds and 24 patients in the hospital

“The DRS is identifying outpatients, i.e. cases considered mild, from the Unicamp Emergency Room, with the aim of referring them to the original municipal services, such as Basic Health Units (UBS) and Emergency Care (UPA),” informs the State Department of Health, in a memorandum. .

Unicamp's HC faced another day of overcrowding – Photo: Heitor Moreira/EPTV

At the beginning of March, the São Paulo government announced “the allocation of more than half a billion reais to the health of the Campinas region,” the ministry also said in a note.

“Through transfers from IGM SUS Paulista, SES will allocate R$ 70,788,170.00 annually to municipalities in the Campinas region to improve primary health care in the region. In addition, 102 charitable service providers in the region will receive a monthly amount of approximately R$ 27,440,602.17 through Statement: “The new SUS Paulista schedule, which corrects the underfunding of the federal SUS schedule, and supplements it with resources from the state treasury.”

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A meeting between municipalities

According to the Campinas Health Department, a meeting on Friday (15), at the headquarters of the DRS, with representatives from all cities, discussed the overcrowding situation and among the measures it was decided that “requests for the transfer of patients of medium and low complexity” and the areas of origin will be dealt with at this time. Through the Seventh Department of Information and Security.

“At the meeting, the municipality of Campinas requested the provision of hospitals in other cities of the region for patients with chronic diseases who only require basic hospital care and the expansion of the dialysis offer, since such measures would provide the immediate release of at least 40 beds and the consequent stress The Ministry is vacant in its emergency doors.

In addition to the HC, the Mário Gatti network also recorded an increase in visits and bed occupancy.

According to the city council, The occupancy of emergency beds in the two municipal hospitals varies between… 90% and 100%.

  • 40 Beds at Ouro Verde Hospital
  • 20 Beds at Mario Gatti Hospital
  • 155 Beds at Ouro Verde Hospital
  • 121 At Mario Gatti Hospital

On stretchers, beds or makeshift chairs at the reception desk. Companions and patients awaiting care, examinations and surgeries in public hospitals in Campinas on Wednesday reported the pain and drama they face in the units.

In the health centre, there were 100 patients per 30 beds. As a result, emergency corridors were filled with patients, and staff reported that there was not enough space even for new stretchers.

“[Estou aqui] Since yesterday at 10 am. The doctor has not requested a room for him yet. “He is already suffering from an infection, and he needs a bed, but there is no bed,” said Fernanda Giacchetto, the HC patient’s companion.

The patient was waiting for a bed for more than 24 hours at the health center – Photo: Heitor Moreira/EPTV

Teacher Nancy Diniz Andrade's father was transported from Santa Casa de Moji Guaco, suffering from an aneurysm and, according to her, needed urgent surgery.

“On Saturday we got a place for surgery, but when we come here every day we do an examination and analysis, but we do not perform surgery. We are still waiting until now. [Ele] “He hasn't been able to come up yet, there's no open position and he's here in the emergency room waiting.”

Unable to find a bed, Theis was waiting for help at the front desk with her mother-in-law, who needed an emergency examination – Photo: Heitor Moreira/EPTV

In Campinas, the city council attributed the excess burden on hospitals to… Increasing care for various diseases in the city's public health network:

  • 13% increase in dengue visits;
  • 8% increase in COVID-19 consultations;
  • Respiratory diseases in children outside the season.
  • Chronic patients with exacerbation of diseases.
  • Patients who are not on dialysis and require hospitalization;
  • 100,000 people entered the United States after the epidemic due to loss of medical insurance.

A patient waiting for treatment lying on the floor at Unicamp HC – Image: Reproduction/EPTV

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