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Handing over 800 parrots who lived in a room to a shelter - 12/28/2021

Handing over 800 parrots who lived in a room to a shelter – 12/28/2021

A Michigan animal shelter has received an unexpected gift: more than 800 parrots donated by the son of a man who had them huddled in a room of his house, the foundation and local press reported.

The Detroit animal welfare group said in a post on Facebook social networking site This Sunday (26).

The son of an animal collector whose poultry project was spinning out of control delivered 497 parrots to this shelter on Christmas Eve, before returning Sunday with another 339 birds. “The Christmas gift we didn’t expect,” the association commented.

“These birds come from a very unhealthy environment, and the irresponsibility of their owner is infuriating,” the shelter continued.

According to his son, the bird owner kept them in cages in a room of his house and spent $1,200 a month to feed them, the Detroit Free Press reported.

“They were on top of each other and suffocating. They were really tense, barely moving. We had to take them out and put them in different cages,” Kelly Leponte, who runs the organization’s shelter, told the newspaper.

The animals will be available for adoption after they have been examined by a vet. And some need urgent care, according to the association, which makes the adoption of such birds a serious commitment, as they live on average between 6 and 15 years.

In the United States, people who collect animals carelessly can be prosecuted. However, the Detroit animal welfare group confirmed that it has not contacted authorities about the case.