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Hackers infiltrate Russian TV and stream provocative anti-Putin videos

Hackers infiltrate Russian TV and stream provocative anti-Putin videos

Image: reproduction: social networks

Hackers broke into a Russian TV channel on Sunday and released a video mocking Russian President Vladimir Putin after the Kremlin speculated that an attack from Ukraine had begun.

A video captured by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine shows a group of soldiers with their index finger in front of their lips with the caption: “Plan like silence”.

“There will be no start announcement,” the comment added.

The Russian government cut off the signal shortly after the hacker attack. “The broadcasts of several cable TV operators in Crimea were hacked,” said Oleg Kryuchkov, an official appointed by Putin to Crimea.

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On Sunday, the Russian government said it had repulsed a “large-scale attack” by Ukrainian forces in Donetsk. Footage released by Moscow showed suspected Ukrainian armored vehicles being blown up in a field after being hit.

Putin-led forces reported 250 Ukrainian servicemen killed and 16 tanks, 3 infantry fighting vehicles and 21 armored vehicles destroyed during the engagement.

Recently, the Supreme Command of the Ukrainian Forces announced that there would be no official announcement of the start of the counteroffensive. Kiev has vowed to launch a “spring offensive” months ago, with the aim of regaining territory lost since Putin’s army invaded in February last year.

Source: EditoraTerra

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