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Hacker action reveals 8.4 billion passwords

Posted on 08/06/2021 10:22 PM / Updated on 08/06/2021 10:23 PM

(Credit: Danilson Carvalho/CB/DA Press)

A 100GB file shared on a deep forum of web hackers exposed 8.4 billion passwords worldwide. According to the specialized portal Internet news, perhaps the largest action in history regarding password leakage and private passwords.

Under the alias RockYou2021, the leak shared data from around the world for non-spaced passwords containing six to 20 characters. There is no specific information yet, but RockYou2021 may refer to RockYou, which leaked 32 million passwords in 2009.

However, RockYou2021’s action is closer to – for – Multiple Breach (COMB) collection, a leak that collected 3.2 billion passwords in February of this year.

Given that around 4.7 billion people worldwide have access to the online medium to the point of creating and maintaining access passwords and passwords, RockYou2021’s number indicates the potential for data to be aggregated leaked on other occasions. Thus, in just one document, hackers have a huge arsenal of passwords, which can take advantage of virtual attacks.

a Internet news He also warns that by using data like username and email address, hackers can access multiple platforms, as people tend to use the same password for different apps and websites.

Greater security

Due to the large number of leaked data, Cyber ​​News has provided some steps for those who want greater security in the virtual environment.

  • Beware of emails that look like spam (advertisements, flashy promises, or addresses you don’t know); Beware of text messages (or via messaging apps) from unknown senders. Don’t click on anything that looks suspicious.
  • Do not share personal information randomly on virtual media.
  • In every possible application, use 2-step verification.
  • If you notice that any of your passwords have been compromised, change them. Always remember to avoid birthdays, sequences, or familiar names.
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