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Google is supported by the US government when it comes to song lyrics

Google’s website Genius accused the US attorney general of not reviewing the ruling in favor of Google.

Genius, formerly known as Rap Genius, sued Google in New York state court in 2019, alleging that the site posted his lyrics at the top of Google’s search results without permission.

Genius does not own the copyrights to lyrics that are typically held by artists or record companies. The company accuses Google of stealing its work and republishing it on Google Pages in violation of its terms of service.

In a court filing by US Attorney General Elizabeth Preloger, the Supreme Court justices must uphold a ruling by the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals, which found the Genius case invalid under federal copyright law.

On Wednesday, a Google spokesperson said the company “does not browse or mine data from websites to derive lyrics” and that “the Attorney General and several courts continue to find Genius’ claims without merit.”

Representatives for Genius and the U.S. Attorney General’s Office did not respond to requests for comment.

Google said it held the licenses to the lyrics and argued that Genius wanted to “bypass the actual copyright owners and find new rights through a deal.”

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