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Gol restricts free WhatsApp to flights

Gol restricts free WhatsApp to flights

Gul announced that it had restricted free access to instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, during its flights. Starting Friday, the feature will be exclusive to customers registered in the SMILES program. Others will have to pay R$10 if they want comfort.

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The free text messaging package was released to all passengers in June 2022 and includes access to Facebook Messenger, iMessenger and Viber. It is worth noting that, despite the convenience, this free method does not allow the exchange of photos, videos and audio recordings, but only text messages.

“The exclusive free gift for all Smiles customers, valid from now on, is an incentive for Gol passengers to enjoy all the benefits of our loyalty programme. The accumulation of miles, which is a great thing in itself, explained Bruno Tonon, Executive Director of Business and Products at Gol Smiles Group. It's just one of them.

Don't have a Gol Smiles card? You can request your free annual membership for 12 months – Check it out here.

How to record smiles

Registering for Smiles is very simple, but for those who cannot register before traveling, you can do so quickly and at no cost during the trip.

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To activate the free SMS package, it's easy, just enter your CPF number and the benefit will be automatically issued through the Gol Online portal, which needs to be accessed via your smartphone.

If in doubt, don't worry, the benches usually have a 'guide' explaining how to get there. see below:

  1. Put your device in airplane mode;
  2. Connect to the plane's Wi-Fi network, called “GOL_Online”;
  3. Type “GOLonline.com.br” into your browser, or, if you prefer, read the QR code on the seat in front of you using your cell phone camera;
  4. ready! You will enter the Goal Online portal;
  5. Then follow the instructions and activate your free messaging package.

Gol Online entertainment platform

If you want to have a good time during the trip, the Goal Online platform also offers this free service. There are movies, series, live TV shows, music and many more content options that can be accessed via smartphones, tablets or laptops.

In addition to the free messaging package exclusive to SMILES customers, anyone who wants to upgrade their internet usage can also enjoy it.

Do you already know about the Guarulhos Airport VIP Lounges? Watch the video below!

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