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Giovanna Eubank shows off her butt and raises her bikini straps to the maximum in bold photos and Bruno Gagliaso reacts.  look!

Giovanna Eubank shows off her butt and raises her bikini straps to the maximum in bold photos and Bruno Gagliaso reacts. look!

Giovanna Eubank flaunts her curves and plenty of sexy in an animal print bikini and is receiving compliments from Bruno Gagliaso.

Photo: Instagram/Purepeople

Free, light and loose, Giovanna Eubank Don't skimp on bold photos on your social networks. Especially those that Only poses in a bikini or Even go topless. wife Bruno Gagliaso And a mother Titi, Bless that it Zayan, The influencer showed off her body once again on the web.

He has beautiful curves and six-pack abs, which is the dream of many peopleGiovanna Eubank posted a group of photos while relaxing at the couple's farm in Paraíba do Sul, Rio de Janeiro, Where daily rentals can cost a veritable fortune.

Giovanna Eubank, who was wearing an animal print, did not skimp on her poses during the shoot, and left many people drooling as they watched her. Pull your bikini strap all the way and stick your butt out too Leaning against a piece of furniture in one of the registers.

Bruno Gagliaso was one of the first to fall in love with his beloved: “I love you Saki“, commented the actor, referring to a species of monkey famous in the Amazon. “Really, Gio? Is this serious?! I'm going to sue you for being such a goddess, okay?!” Another follower commented: “So beautiful, so cute and so adorable! Lots of love,” another melted.

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