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Dona Jacira, mãe de Gil do Vigor, tira passaporte para acompanhar o filho nos Estados Unidos. (Foto: Instagram)

Gilles de Vigor’s mother goes to the United States with her son

Gilberto Nogueira He’s packed into the US, but he’s not going to go it alone. Jacira Santana, the ex-mother of BBB, revealed that she intends to keep her son company in California.

On her social networks, “mainha”, as Jill calls her, stated that she had already submitted the passport. “Do you think someone would stay there without me?” Ms. Jakira joked on Instagram Stories.

++ Gilles de Vigor reveals that he is already linked to the former BBB

“Oh dear, I’ll go all right!? Oh, I’m perfectly organised. Now I’m looking for a visa, and soon: the United States,” the Pernambuco woman completed with her passport in hand.

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On September 3rd, the economist travels to the United States to obtain his Ph.D. in economics from Davis University in California. Even outside the country, Gil do Vigor will continue in the “Tá Lascado” section of the “Mais Você” remote program.

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