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Gil do Vigor denies he gave up his Ph.D. and says he's on vacation

Gil do Vigor denies he gave up his Ph.D. and says he’s on vacation

Gilles de Vigor He clarified his PhD status in the United States after renewing his contract with Globo. In a social media post, the former BBB thanked him for everything he’s experienced since he left the most guarded home in Brazil.

“The renewal is here, Brazil!! Everything I have experienced has broadened my horizons and I am so grateful to be among such wonderful and talented people and to be able, in some way, to contribute my knowledge. I still have many plans ahead of me here in Brazil and also in the states with a Ph.D.,” Jill began.

The former BBB has also stated that he has allowed himself time off and will only return to his Ph.D. in the next semester: “But, at this moment, I’m looking in me, and I would advise everyone to do so. If they respect. Now I choose to give myself a leave that I have never had before.” I chose to stay this semester in Brazil, finish my work, and then go back to the next semester for my Ph.D., knowing that I would finally be able to devote myself entirely to my studies.”

However, he denied the rumors of dropping out of school completely. “I would never consider giving up one of the biggest dreams of my life, because through education my life has changed. Wherever this information goes it is untrue and lies can destroy and hurt.”

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