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get ready!  Nubank announces suspension of biobanking services

get ready! Nubank announces suspension of biobanking services

Due to the Corpus Christi holiday, Nubank customers faced temporary changes to two core services provided by the financial institution. This measure was announced by the digital bank with the aim of preparing its users and reducing inconveniences.

The first service affected was TED transfers, which will not be available. In addition, payment of taxes and fees has also been affected and cannot be carried out on this date. These changes directly impact customers who rely on these features in their daily operations.

How PIX and bill payment work

Despite the above limitations, Nubank has ensured that the Pix service remains running without interruption. For invoices due on the 30th, an exception has been granted, allowing them to be paid on the 31st, except for those relating to taxes and fees that require special attention from customers to be paid by the 29th.

Tips for customers during long holidays:

  • Expect to pay taxes to avoid penalties and interest.
  • Use Pix for urgent transfers on your day off.
  • Check other due dates and anticipate what is possible.

TED services and tax payment are normalized on the next business day, the 31st, and Nubank recommends its customers to follow notifications through the app to stay informed of any new changes.

How to open an account in Nubank

To open a current account with Nubank, you need to install the official application available for Android that it internal control DepartmentAnd follow the mentioned procedures. Minors interested in opening accounts must involve their legal guardians in the process. look:

  1. Download the Nubank app from the App Store.
  2. Complete the registration process by following the instructions.
  3. For minors, involve their legal guardians.
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