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General doses and fines: learn about the new rules for the approved passport vaccine in France |  Globalism

General doses and fines: learn about the new rules for the approved passport vaccine in France | Globalism

After several weeks of debate, on Sunday (16) the French parliament finally approved the controversial bill The current health passport is replaced with a valid vaccination card for people over 16 years of age.

The government was in a hurry to adopt the new rules. Affected by the omicron variable wave, the France There have been 280,000 new positive cases of Covid-19 recorded in the past 24 hours.

the The text was approved by the National Assembly by 215 votes to 58 against, with seven abstentions. Socialist opposition deputies intend to refer the matter to the Constitutional Council for respect of “fundamental freedoms”, which will delay the law’s passage for a few days.

The government wants the law to go into effect as soon as possible, given the increase in cases caused by the omicron variant.

With an average of 300,000 daily infections in the past week, the executive expects Vaccination permit requirements begin around January 20.

The passport will prevent the unvaccinated from accessing various places, such as trains, restaurants, theaters and cinemas. You will need a full immunization schedule, excluding access to health services and nursing homes. The current pass included the possibility of a negative test for Covid-19 or the disease was recently overcome.

In addition, the The vaccination permit will be implemented gradually. People who have started a course of immunization, as well as those who have not yet received a booster dose seven months after the second dose, may have a negative test result rather than pass the vaccination.

Property managers will be able to request a photo ID to verify that the different certificates match. This control will be delegated when there are “serious reasons” to believe that the person is viewing suspicious documents.

Scammers will be punished with heavy fines

Any fraudulent possession of a health passport (whether forged or borrowed from a third party) may be punished With a three-year prison sentence and a fine of €45,000, approximately R$284,000.

who – which The sentence will be extended to five years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros, about 473,000 Brazilian reals, if the person involved in the fraud submits several false documents.

However, the law provides for some flexibility: if The offender receives the missed vaccination dose within 30 days of the date of the crime, and may escape these sentences.

The approved bill also provides penalties for companies that do not respect the government’s recommendations regarding remote work. The offending company can be sentenced to an administrative fine of up to 500 euros per employee, which is about 3,200 Brazilian reais. In exceptional circumstances, the penalty can be up to 50,000 euros, which is about 315,000 Brazilian reals.

The bill raised tension in Parliament

The president’s statements also contributed to delaying the final approval Emmanuel MacronWho said he wanted to annoy the unvaccinated to the end. Macron used the cliché that he intended to “steal the unvaccinated” to the end.

These words were interpreted as disrespect by the head of state towards a part of the population and provoked reactions from opposition politicians and the ruling majority in the Majlis.

While the text was being processed in the Senate, senators amended several articles of the bill to loosen restrictions that they considered offensive from the standpoint of individual liberties. On several occasions, parliamentary debate on the bill has been suspended due to tension in the plenary session.