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GeForce Now, Nvidia’s game streaming, arrives in Brazil with a free plan

Nvidia, in partnership with Abya, launched in Brazil on Thursday (14) GeForce Now, a cloud gaming service. With it, the player can “rent” a powerful computer to broadcast games in high quality to weak PCs, tablets or smartphones.

The service is a direct competitor to Microsoft’s recently launched Xbox Game Pass. However, it works with games User bought it. The service supports stores such as Steam, Epic Games, and Origin.

However, GeForce Now does not work with all titles from these stores. on your websiteAbya lists over 800 supported games – including titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3. À CNN BrazilNvidia ensures that new games are included in the library every month.

In the paid version, GeForce Now promises with RTX-series graphics cards, effects like DLSS and ray tracing, as well as performance in excess of 60 frames per second. In the free version, it uses cards of the GTX series. Works on Windows computers, Mac OS, Google Chrome browser on Android devices, and Safari browser (iPhone and iPad).

The free plan allows 30-minute gaming sessions, but with a waiting line. After the period expires, the player returns to the queue to get a new session.

See below for prices and supported plans:

– Free: With queue, 30-minute sessions, limited graphics (GTX series cards)

– Monthly plan: RTX 44.50 without queue and high-performance graphics (with RTX series cards)

– Semester Plan: R$40.50 per month without queue and high-performance graphics (with RTX series cards)