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Gas station simulator is the new steam fever;  know more

Gas station simulator is the new steam fever; know more

Plus showcasing the latest AAA “heavyweights” to honor the world from games, a steam He’s also no stranger to unexpected, episodic success stories from indies. The store’s latest surprise comes in the form of “gas station simulator‘, a game that does exactly what the title suggests: be a gas station simulator, put the player to the test to manage all the activities associated with the job.

It is currently at number three on Steam’s bestseller list, and is Game Developed by DRAGO Entertainment It is only overtaken by new releases’DeathloopAnd ‘Timberburn’, and her Reviews Very positive, in addition to the interface and translation in Portuguese. Watch the trailer below:

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In the game’s “story” (as it is) the player buys the first gas station called dust bowl, which is responsible for taking you back to your glory days – very similar to the premise of major farm simulators, such as “monster harvest“.With money coming in and increasing popularity, it is imperative that it grows with the business and provides more attractions to customers.

Gas Station Simulator combines the best elements of “unforgettable moments” at gas stations. From refueling cars at the fuel pump, serving customers at the checkout, to changing tires in the garage. With the growth of the enterprise, the Game It gets more complex and even acquires some elements such as small in-store commerce and simpler activities, such as organizing the place and cleaning.

If work-life balance is a concern for future gas station owners, the game also features mini games You can try to get high scores before or after hours.

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according to SteamDBGas Station Simulator has peaked at 5,619 concurrent players since its launch – on September 15th. Players looking to try their luck in refueling can get a copy of Game On the Steam page, where the game is listed with a 10% discount until September 22, for 34.19 Brazilian reals.

Gas station simulator is the latest steam fever. Photo: DRAGO Entertainment / Reproduction

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