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Galaxy A52: Best Samsung Intermediate Phone to Buy in 2021?  analyzing

Galaxy A52: Best Samsung Intermediate Phone to Buy in 2021? analyzing

After analyzing the simplest and most advanced new Samsung brokers, it is time to evaluate which broker has everything to be the best selling 2021 line. Galaxy A52.

The design follows the same as the others and bet on a matte finish with new color options on the back. The screen has evolved and we now have a gorgeous 90Hz AMOLED panel and stereo sound with good power and balanced sound.

Performance is good for games, but we saw the same issue with the touchscreen sensor that has a slight delay in response time when quickly switching between apps. At least, the Galaxy A52 isn’t closing apps in the background all the time.

The battery has improved a lot compared to the A51 It now offers independence for two days. The recharge time can be better if Samsung sends the same 25W charger as A72.

What about the cameras? Only the main thing has changed. The A52 appears to be a good phone for shooting in any situation, as it can only have a telephoto camera instead of background blur. We haven’t seen much evolution between generations, but that isn’t a negative point.

The Galaxy A52’s problem is its too high launch price. However, like any new product from Samsung in Brazil, it will end up depreciating quickly and when it’s under two thousand BRL it would be a great buy. To know more about the A52, just check the full review via the link below.