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Frequency is better than intensity for gaining strength – 11/19/2022 – Balance

Frequency is better than intensity for gaining strength – 11/19/2022 – Balance

An Australian survey conducted in partnership with two universities Japanese indicates that physical activities Moderate intensity, if done daily, can be more beneficial for gaining muscle strength than doing it once a week for a longer period of time. This means that the frequency of activities may be more important than the amount of exercise for gaining strength. The results were published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports.

During the study, the researchers divided the volunteers into three groups: the first did a series of six arm contractions once a week; the second performs the same series of contractions five days a week; The third and final group did five sets of six contractions once a week. All were followed for four weeks.

The group that did just six contractions once a week showed no changes in strength and muscle mass. However, the researchers noted that those who divided these exercises over the course of the week had an increase in muscle strength of about 10% compared to the other group.

The conclusion of the study is that resistance exercise, when performed frequently [no caso, cinco vezes por semana], it was more effective to gain strength. But to increase the volume [massa muscular]Focused training in one day was also effective,” notes orthopedic surgeon Junichiro Sado Jr., of Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital D. Goiania He is a member of the Brazilian Society of Arthroscopy and Sports Fracture.

According to Junichiro, strength training, when performed frequently, triggers biochemical stimuli in muscle cells that over time increase their Metabolism and the energy efficiency of these cells. This increases muscle strength and size.

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Junichiro also points out that the results of this study confirm the common sense that to gain strength, a muscle cannot go several days without the stimulus of exercise.

“It is very common to come across patients who engage in physical activity only twice a week and are unable to improve muscle strength. Another common mistake is to think that aerobic activities such as water games, swimming, walking and cycling, are enough to gain strength in the fact that aerobic activities are also important.” But it brings other kinds of health benefits.To gain strength we have to do it Resistance exercisesHe confirmed.

Health problems

According to Junichiro, several studies have shown the importance of instructing patients about the correct frequency of exercise. With the increasing increase in life expectancy Among the population, there are more and more cases of patients the elderly and sedentary people with sarcopenia, which is a general loss of muscle strength.

“This is a silent, disabling disease like others known to the orthopedic office, such as arthritis and osteoporosis. The only way to reverse sarcopenia is through a program of muscle-strengthening exercises that can be done with traditional bodybuilding, pilates, functional exercises, or even physical therapy,” she says. But it should be at least three times a week, ”warned the osteopath.