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Four American teachers were stabbed in China

Four American teachers were stabbed in China

The Chinese national flag in front of the country’s embassy in Berlin, Germany| Photo: EFE/EPA/Clémence Bellan

Four professors from the US Cornell University, who were teaching in northeastern China during an exchange program, were stabbed in a public square on Monday (10).

Local police said a 55-year-old man, considered a suspect in the attack, was in custody. According to information released by the authorities, the attacker, surnamed Koi, was in a public park when he collided with a foreigner and began the violent act.

The victims were accompanied by a faculty member at Beihua University of China at the time of the crime. In addition to the teachers, two other people who tried to prevent the attacks were also injured.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday (11) that the injured were taken to hospital for treatment without showing any signs of serious health conditions.

The Chinese authorities are trying to suppress the incident and classify it as an “isolated incident.” Ministry spokesman Lin Jian said at a daily press conference that the investigation into the case is continuing.

Since the attack occurred in the northeast of the country, the Chinese regime has tried to control access to news related to this action, because it is considered a “sensitive” issue for the government.

There were no reports in the press and some social media accounts that posted about the case were immediately censored by Xi Jinping’s dictatorship. In addition, hashtags, photos and videos related to the attack were quickly blocked or removed.

The US State Department issued a statement saying it was aware of the case and was monitoring the situation closely.

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