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Video: A plane lands near a plane taking off from the runway in India;  The console has been suspended and an investigation has been opened  world

Video: A plane lands near a plane taking off from the runway in India; The console has been suspended and an investigation has been opened world

Planes are spaced 500 meters apart on the same runway at an airport in India

Two planes approached each other on the runway at Mumbai airport, In India, last Saturday (8), while one of them landed and the other took off.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) in India stated that it had opened an investigation into the matter and removed the controller Those involved in the incident. The Supervisors Association defended the professionalism and safety of the process. (see below).

Planes are 500 meters away from each other on the same runway during landing and take-off at an airport in India on June 8, 2024. – Image: Reproduction/Social Media

The case occurred when an Air India Airbus A320neo plane was taking off from Mumbai; Meanwhile, another Airbus A320neo, belonging to IndiGO, landed. According to data from FlightRadar24, which tracks flights in real time, the planes were separated by 509 meters from each other.

Two planes close together on the same runway can result in a collision if the plane in front of you, for example, needs to interrupt takeoff.

The two companies said in a statement that the take-off and landing took place with permission from air traffic control. Air India has opened an internal investigation.

It is not clear what the minimum aircraft separation is in India, the number may vary depending on the country and which airports are busiest. The Economic Times quoted an official at the Indian airport authority as saying that the plane can only land when the plane taking off is at the end of the runway.

Aircraft separation – Photo: Reproduction/FlightRadar24

The Indian Air Traffic Controllers Association said there was no obstacle to the landing and take-off of the two planes. On the Mumbai runway, up to 46 take-offs and landings can occur per hour.

“this [o vídeo dos dois aviões] “It can be a dazzling moment for those watching from the outside,” the association said, but it is part of the daily duty of “rigorously trained” professionals.

“If there is a risk to the safety of the pilot [que pousava] “He was going to attack,” the association said.

According to the entity, observers are allowed to launch two landings and two landings every three minutes, which can be reduced if the weather is good. They have the autonomy to allow take-off and landing on the same runway, especially at busy airports like Mumbai.

The association also says that air traffic controllers are under great pressure at airports. “We hope to at least bring more awareness to the general population about why air traffic control is called one of the most stressful jobs in the world.”