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Fossil of ancient marine crocodile found in England

Fossil of ancient marine crocodile found in England

Posted on 1/31/2023 3:02 PM

(Credit: Disclosure/Julia D’Oliveira)

A study, published Journal of Vertebrate PaleontologyAn ancient model was discovered ThalatosaurianKnown as Crocodile Sea or sea crocodile. This predator is considered the “older brother” of the ancestors of modern crocodiles and the discovery on the Jurassic coast of the United Kingdom helps fill a gap in the fossil record, according to experts.

“I hope we continue to discover more Talathosuchians Adults and their relatives. Our analyzes suggest that Talathosuchians “Probably appeared for the first time in the Triassic and survived the mass extinction at the end of the Triassic,” says Eric Wilberg, professor and co-author of the study.

Some so-called marine crocodiles are well adapted to life in the oceans, with short legs modified into flippers, a shark-like caudal fin, and salt glands. Also, the specimen had a section of the skull where the jaw muscles are particularly large.

“It’s instructive TurnerSus and many others Thalatosuchians They had enlarged jaw muscles, which allowed for a quick bite; Most of their prey are fast-moving fish or cephalopods.

It is possible that it is similar to modern crocodiles TurnerSus “Had a thermoregulatory function — helping to lower brain temperature,” the study says.

The survey is fully accessible In this connection.

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