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Fortaleza wins America MG and leaves the bottom of Brazil - Play

Fortaleza wins America MG and leaves the bottom of Brazil – Play

Finally, the Energy Lantern left the Brazilian Championship. Sunday night (19), Tricolor won a race America MG 1-0 at Arena Castellao in a match valid for the thirteenth round Brazilian league.

Yago Pikachu scored the match goal in the 42nd minute of the first half. The team’s 22nd jersey returned after serving an automatic suspension and was crucial to the team’s second victory in the competition.

Watch Pikachu’s goal

As a result, Leão do Pici reached 10 points and tied with Juventude, but outperformed the gaucho team due to the goal difference.

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the game

first half

Fortaleza seeks victory over America-MG

take photo:
Thiago Jadelha / SVM

0 – 15 minutes: The stronghold begins to squeeze. Tricolor has more possession of the ball, throttles the América-MG and controls offensive actions in search of a goal. In his best access so far, Yago greeted Pikachu inside the area, finishing off guard Airton in the tackle. Marcelo Bock has not been shocked yet.

15 – 30 minutes: The game scene is the same, Leonin control. However, America began to attack more. In the event that he arrives twice, he was in danger with Danilo Avelar. And at their best, in the 29th minute, the defender took a big headshot. The ball passed over the goal. In response, at 30, Fortress counterattacks at speed. Lucas Lima crossed by Romero but the striker did not catch it and finish it wide.

30-49 minutes: America launched itself on the offensive and forced Marcelo Bock to make three great saves. Two of them were great, introducing Lucas Cale and Aloysio, preventing Coelho from opening the scoring. In the 42nd minute, and in a quick attack, Lucas Lima sent a superb cross to Iago Pikachu, with a header, to open the scoring for Tricolor.

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the other half

0 – 15 minutes: Both teams come back together from the first half. Loco with 3 minutes, Felipe Azevedo made a good one-man move and Marcelo Bok made an amazing save. Tricolor gives the answer with Lucas Lima and Moisés, who claim good defenses from Airton.

15 – 30 minutes: The goalkeepers are still working hard. The game becomes more open and coaches make substitutions that change the tactical settings. Essentially Vágner Mancini, who changes the game system and leaves the team with more attackers. Tricolor defends itself and is now betting on counter-attacks.

30 – 51 minutes: The last period of the match was very tense. América-MG went for all-or-nothing and Fortaleza just defended itself. The height of the tension came when the video assistant referee (VAR) Leandro Voadin was called in to review Tite’s possible penalty for Conte. When looking at the video, the field referee did not specify the penalty, to dilute the three colors. In an attempt, Vojvoda was expelled. Depetri could have scored the second goal, but ended up losing on a counter-attack, which he only missed because the victory lasted until the end.

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art paper | Fortaleza vs America MG

  • Fortaleza – Marcelo Bock; Marcello Benvenuto, Siballos and Titi; Iago Pikachu, Felipe, Jose Willison (Ronald), Lucas Lima (Mateus Josa), Juninho Capixaba; Moises (Igor Torres) and Silvio Romero (Depreetre). Coach: Juan Pablo Vogoda.
  • America- MG- Arton; Raul Caceres (Patrick), Conte, Eder, Danilo Avelar (Andio Ramirez), Marlon (Joao Paulo); Lucas Cal, Juninho and Felipe Azevedo (Pedrinho); Everaldo and Aloysio (Wellington Paulista). Coach: Wagner Mancini
  • Goal – Iago Pikachu, 42 minutes into the first half.
  • Referee: Leandro Pedro Voadin (RS)
  • Ceballos (Fortaleza) yellow card.
  • Red card Juan Pablo Vogoda (Castle)
  • Income 124119.00 Brazilian riyals
  • Audience 17,709 Paying
  • LOCAL Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza (CE)

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