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Former ministers of Hugo Chávez criticize Lula for his remarks about Venezuela

Former ministers of Hugo Chávez criticize Lula for his remarks about Venezuela

Four former ministers Hugo Chavezthe former president of VenezuelaAn open letter criticizing the Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT). The letter, released on Thursday, the first, asks the Brazilian government to show solidarity with Venezuelans and rebut Lula’s statements about the country this week.

The document was signed by the former ministers Rodrigo Cabezas (Finance)And Hector Navarro (education)And Ana Elisa Osorio (environment) that it Ole Milan (popular economy). They were all part of the Chávez administration, which presided over Venezuela between 1999 and 2013, the year he died at the age of 58.

We have always been activists of the democratic and progressive left. Based on this ideal, we dare to ask President Lula da Silva, Your Excellency, and your government to show solidarity and cohesion for a democratic solution to the political, economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela,” the letter reads, after listing a series of human rights violations that occurred during the dictatorship Nicolas MaduroChavez’ successor.

The President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Workers’ Party), next to the dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, in a photo on Monday the 29th. The Brazilian’s remarks at the meeting provoked a negative reaction filming: Wilton Jr / Estadao

The message was prompted by Lula’s remarks about the political situation in Venezuela this week, during Maduro’s visit to Brasilia. Lula asked Maduro on Monday to “build the narrative” in exchange for “what they were plotting against you.” The next day, the Brazilian president stated that he had been misunderstood and that he meant that there was a narrative trying to cast Chávez as a “devil”.

In the speech, the former ministers stated that the political situation in Venezuela is not a “constructed narrative”. And they say: “We do this as an obligation, after hearing your Excellency’s words justifying, perhaps inadvertently, the tyranny that governs Venezuela.” “The authoritarian and therefore undemocratic drift of Mr. Nicolás Maduro is not a ‘constructed narrative’, he does not respond to any propaganda plan by those who oppose him and, most seriously from a human point of view, he is treacherous and continues to leave many victims,” they added.

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The authorities cite various lawsuits filed against Maduro investigating human rights abuses as justification for why they view him as authoritarian and anti-democratic. “At this very moment, there are 281 political prisoners in Venezuela, according to the NGO Foro Penal,” citing the closure of hundreds of newspapers, radio and television channels as well as the banning of opposition political parties by the Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela, equipped by chavismo.

As if what we have summarized in the previous lines were not enough, the corruption cases that have been revealed in recent weeks, worth tens of billions of dollars (which have disappeared in the hands of administrators) in a country where hospitals and education are not functioning in one of its worst moments due to lack of resources. They speak, without room for demagogic justifications, of a government, the government of Nicolás Maduro, which is detached from the interests of the people, especially the workers,” adds the character.

Lula’s remarks, delivered during the summit with South American leaders in Brasilia earlier this week, had already been criticized during the meeting. heads Chilecenter left Gabriel Burekhe is from UruguayAnd Louis Lacalle Poefrom the centre-right, has spoken out about a row with Brazil’s president.

“You can’t sweep it under the rug or overlook important principles. I respectfully disagree with what Lula said yesterday. It’s not a novel, it’s fact, it’s serious and I’ve had the opportunity to see it in the eyes and in the pain of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who live in our homeland and demand a firm and clear stance.” “, Burik said, calling for respect for human rights regardless of the political line of the current ruler.

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In turn, Lacalle Bo said he was surprised by Lula’s remarks. I was surprised when it was said that what is happening in Venezuela is a narrative. You know what we think about Venezuela and the government of Venezuela,” the Uruguay replied. “If there are many groups in the world trying to mediate the return of full democracy in Venezuela, so that there is respect for human rights, so that there are no political prisoners, then the worst thing we can do is He is blocking the sun with a finger. Let’s call it and let’s help you.”

Lula responded to the criticism on Tuesday, saying he had been misunderstood. “What I said, in fact, is that since Chávez took office, a story has been built against Chávez in which he is the devil, and since then everyone has started playing against him. It was like this with me, the amount of lies in my operations. A novel selling a lie that no one could prove Later,” he declared.

After the meeting, Maduro played down criticism of the two South American presidents. “This is normal. They have one vision, we have another. There is unity in diversity. This is South America, and there will always be debate,” said the Chavista president, head of the Chavista system. “The irredentist spirit of South America prevails today. There will always be differences in standards, suggestions and ideas. And most importantly, there was a discussion of a lot of tolerance and candor.”