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Foreign doctors can now work in the US without residency

Foreign doctors can now work in the US without residency

The U.S. physician shortage is on the brink of a shortage of nearly 6,000 specialists by 2030

After a shortage of healthcare professionals, the US state of Tennessee has now passed HB 1312, allowing foreign doctors to work in the US without the need to attend a residency program.

The new law makes Tennessee the first U.S. state to allow such an opportunity. During the first two years, foreign doctors work with a temporary license, supervised by a licensed specialist. After the deadline, professionals will receive unrestricted licenses.

Immigration expert Vinicius Bigalho believes that the presence of immigrants in the United States plays an important role in the American economy and society. “Currently, 13% of the country’s population is made up of immigrants”, emphasizes Bicalho. “The U.S. is eager for skilled immigrants, but the legal status of those coming to the U.S. must be in order. The most sought after by these skilled professionals is the EB-2NIW visa, followed by the EB-1A visa,” he reveals. Metropolises.

The physician shortage is projected to be a shortage of nearly 6,000 specialists by 2030, with 1,107 in primary care alone. As Democrats and Republicans now seek to ease the legalization of immigrants in the U.S., the shortage of skilled workers is not limited to health.

Solidarity with Mais Médicos?

Despite the good news, it is important to emphasize that the HB 1312 law does not seek employment like the Brazilian Mais Médicos program.

“More Doctors is a program by the federal government that seeks to recruit doctors, but these doctors live in particularly remote areas. However, in the United States, there is no recruitment program by the US government, the program only aims to facilitate obtaining a license to practice medicine,” explains Bigelho.

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