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DefesaNet – Brazil – United Kingdom (UK)

The Commander of the Air Force, Lieutenant Brigadier of Air Carlos de Almeida Baptista Jr. and the Ambassador of the United Kingdom Peter Wilson met in Brasilia (DF) this Monday (28) for the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). The visit was attended by United Kingdom Security Attach, Captain Mark Alphonse of the British Royal Navy and Air Force Second Vice Commander Air Palo Roberto de Carvalho Jr.

During the meeting, the ambassador commented Global Air Leaders Conference 2021, it is not possible to hold a conference in person with the commanders and delegates of the World Air Force, but almost, on July 14 and 15, due to the Govt-19 epidemic. However, he stressed that the virtual meeting would be more appropriate for the context of cooperative relations between the air forces of the countries participating in the event.

The representative of the United Kingdom handled the British initiative of “Integrated Criticism”, a proposal initiated by the British Government, aimed at significantly increasing investment in security and cooperation with friendly countries, including the Brazilian Air Force. In this regard, the ambassador said that Brazil has a prominent place on the world stage and in this regard, the British government wants to cooperate in matters of security, security, development, foreign policy and space. Country.

In this context, the Commander of the Air Force, Lieutenant Brigadier Baptista Jr., invited the Ambassador to visit the Center for Space Operations (COPE), as well as the Department of Space Science and Technology (DCDA) and the Alcondara Launch Center (CLA). The UK’s diplomatic representation in Brazil will further enhance the understanding of the Brazilian space program and, thus, strengthen the partnership with the FAB, which will be more beneficial and beneficial to both countries.

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Officials also addressed the intention to purchase the MRTT, a refueling aircraft on board the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) aircraft. Multi-stock tanker transport, An agency of the Brazilian government, has the priority given by the Air Force Command, which is a functional gap of a strategic nature to be filled with this new capability to be incorporated by the FAB. In the process, which will be handled by the Air Force’s Air Force Personnel (EMAER), negotiations may advance to assess the potential for potential equipment already available by the UK Armed Forces and in large quantities. Compatibility with functional capabilities already implemented in FAB.

Photos: Soldier Wilhelm Campos / CECOMSAER