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Football and Halloween: See a list of 13 matches that haunt some fans in Brazil |  soccer

Football and Halloween: See a list of 13 matches that haunt some fans in Brazil | soccer

This Tuesday we celebrate Halloween. The history in which costumes and decorations of witches, vampires, skeletons, monsters and other frightening characters spread through the streets in the United States and, in recent years, increasingly also in Brazil.

So, ge decided to join the fun and remember 13 matches (the number was not chosen by chance) that still scare and give goosebumps to some fans. The ghosts are still there.

Cabañas led Mexico’s Team America to a huge victory over Flamengo in 2008 – Image: AP

Nautico 0x1 Gremio (Batalha dos Aflitos) – 2005

Baú do Esporte: In 2005, Náutico and Grêmio starred in the “Battle of the Aflitos”

Not all games get a name. The Battle of the Doomed is one such rare example. A game in which Náutico, playing at home and with packed stands, was defeated, losing access to Série A after missing two penalty kicks and seeing Grêmio score the winning goal with seven men on the field. For Nautico fans, November 26, 2005 remains a scary day.

Flamengo 0 x 3 America-Mexico (Round of 16, Libertadores 2008)

Flamengo loses to Mexican America 3-0 and is eliminated from the 2008 Libertadores Cup

The scene was festive. Classification,protocol approx. With more than 50,000 spectators at the Maracanã, Flamengo could lose by two goals and continue in the Libertadores. He lost by three. And there is one name that the red and black people will never forget: Salvador Cabañas. The Paraguayan striker, who scored two goals and added water, bid farewell to coach Joel Santana, who will leave Flamengo after winning the Carioca title three days ago.

Vasco 1 x 2 Real Madrid (1998 World Cup Final)

In 1998, the best moments of Real Madrid against Vasco 2 x 1, in the Club World Cup final.

In the year of its centenary, Vasco won its only Libertadores Cup. But it could have gone further. With a team bearing names such as Carlos Germano, Felipe, Juninho, Donizetti and Luizao, Cruzmaltinos played a balanced match against Real Madrid, in the Club World Cup final, but ended in a 2-1 defeat, and two years later, Vasco had another chance. To win the title. This time in the Maracanã. But he lost to Corinthians on penalties in the first World Cup organized by FIFA.

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Fluminense 3 (1) x (3) 1 LDU (2008 Libertadores Final)

Fluminense beats LDU, but the Ecuadorian team wins the Copa Sudamericana

This is a ghost that may soon be exorcised. After all, the penalty shootout defeat in the 2008 Copa Libertadores final remains a nightmare in the Tricolor’s memory. Even because of the harsh script in which the team turned with three goals from Thiago Neves from 5-2 on aggregate to 5-5, Thiago Neves himself, in addition to Conca and Washington, stopped at goalkeeper Cevallos. On Saturday, at the same Maracanã stadium, now against Boca Juniors, there will be a chance to end this shock. Or increase.

Botafogo 0×0 Juventude (Brazilian Cup Final 1999)

1999 – Juventude 0 x 0 Botafogo

This was the last time the Maracanã welcomed an audience of more than 100,000 fans. To be more precise, 101,581 people. Practically everything, Botafoguenses. They saw the team, which only needed a simple win and which had four-time champion Bebeto in attack, go 0-0 up against Juventude and see the Copa do Brasil title, which had seemed so close, slip through their fingers.

Palmeiras 0 x 1 Manchester United (1999 World Cup Final)

In 1999, Manchester United beat Palmeiras in the Club World Cup final

If there’s one thing still missing from Palmeiras’ exhibition, it’s the Club World Cup. The first opportunity to put an end to rival provocations was in 1999, against Manchester United. The match was decided in the 35th minute of the first half after a mistake by Marcus, who did not cross, allowing the ball to reach Roy Keane’s feet. Which makes everything more cruel.

Palmeiras 3 x 2 Corinthians (Libertadores 2000 semi-final)

A dispute over a penalty kick between Palmeiras and Corinthians in the 2000 Libertadores semi-final

A year after being eliminated by Palmeiras in the quarter-finals of the 1999 Libertadores, Corinthians found themselves facing their biggest rival once again. This time we have one stage left, in the semi-finals. The decision went back to sanctions. After all players from both teams converted their kicks, Marcelinho Carioca, Viel’s idol, ended up in the hands of Marcos. A defense that still haunts the Corinthians, more than 20 years later.

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Corinthians 6 x 1 Sao Paulo (last Brazilian round in 2015)

Corinthians defeats Sao Paulo and becomes the 2015 Brazilian champion

Corinthians remained in the 2015 Brazilian Championship, becoming champions with three rounds to go. Thus, he won the trophy in the 36th minute in a classic match against Sao Paulo, where he played for the reserve team. Adding to the embarrassment of Tricolor with a 6-1 defeat at New Quimica Arena. By the way, since the opening of the stadium in 2014, Tricolor has never won there. There are 11 wins, 7 losses and 7 draws. Gives you chills.

Santos 0 x 1 Palmeiras (2020 Libertadores Final)

Palmeiras defeats Santos and wins the Libertadores title

This was the first final between the Brazilians with the current one-match format. Then with a classic match from Sao Paulo at the Maracana. Ninety minutes separate Santos from becoming the first team in the country to become four-time Libertadores champions. To be fair, a little over ninety. After all, Breno Lopez’s goal, which gave Palmeiras the title, was scored in the 53rd minute of the second half. For Santos, it’s hard to accept even today.

Cruzeiro 1 x 2 Estudiantes (2008 Libertadores Final)

Estudiantes spoils Cruzeiro’s party at Mineirão and wins the 2009 Copa Libertadores

Eleven years after their second Libertadores title, Cruzeiro reached the final again. After a 0-0 draw in the first match against Estudiantes in Argentina, a simple victory against Mineirão was enough. The score came six minutes into the second half, and Raposa opened the scoring. But he did not last, and suffered from transformation. A feeling of emptiness persists, as the club has not won the competition since then.

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Atlético-MG 1×6 Cruzeiro (final round of the Brazilian Championship 2011)

Cruzeiro goals 6 x 1 Atletico MG in the 38th round of the 2011 Brazilian League

The scenario in that last round of the 2011 Brazilian Championship was historic for the fans of Atletico MG, who, after confirming their stay in the Italian League in the last round, had the opportunity to rule mathematically that Cruzeiro would be relegated in the final round. Just win. But what was a dream turned into a nightmare with Raposa not only surviving the fall but also recording his biggest defeat ever against Gallo. The eternal 6-1 scoreline has terrified Atletico fans ever since.

Internacional 0 x 2 Mazembe (2010 World Cup semi-final)

Best moments: Mazembe 2 x 0 Internacional in the Club World Cup

Four years after defeating mighty Barcelona, ​​Internacional saw the two-time world champions’ chance quickly slip into one of the biggest embarrassments in the club’s history with defeat to the unknown Mazembe from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. To this day, Colorado fans still find no humor in goalkeeper Kidiaba’s celebration as he bounces his ass off on the field.

Gremio 1 x 2 River Plate (Libertadores 2018 semi-final)

In a controversial match, River eliminated Gremio from the Copa Libertadores

Champions of the Libertadores in 2017, Gremio saw their chance of winning a second successive title (and fourth overall) end at home. A true horror movie for Gremio fans. After winning the first match in Argentina 1-0, Tricolor extended their lead by opening the scoring at the Arena. However, in front of 53,000 fans, he witnessed River Plate’s 2-1 comeback, equalizing in the 36th minute, then returning in the 49th minute of the second half, from a penalty kick scored with the help of VAR technology.