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"To take a wave there...";  Sao Paulo fans revolt with Andreik and tackle the striker's provocation on the Internet

“To take a wave there…”; Sao Paulo fans revolt with Andreik and tackle the striker’s provocation on the Internet

Sao Paulo

Forward was fired from São Paulo because São Paulo FC did not give his parents a job at the time

Photo: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras
Photo: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras

a Sao Paulo This Thursday (14) will seek a surprise Palm trees In Allianz Parque to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Brazilian Cup. Having won the first duel 3 weeks ago by a difference of 1 to 0, at Morumbi, Tricolor only needs a draw to eliminate the opponent. And the person who caught this duel was Indrik, who stabbed the king on social media.

Played by the major European football teams, the Palmeiras striker started his football career at Tricolor Paulista. On the eve of the classic film, the young professional, in a video clip on social networks, mentioned the reason for his dismissal from São Paulo.. The biggest factor that made the national football star leave Soberano was that the Sao Paulo club at the time did not give his parents a job. In addition to pushing Rogerio Ceni’s team, Indrik praised Palmeiras for everything they did for him.

Sao Paulo fans did not like the young striker’s provocation at all and soon after, Indrik responded on social networks. Some asked for focus, and others said the athlete still had feelings for Tricolor and still wouldn’t accept being fired by the Tricolor world champion. “The guy looks like those guys posting pics of their ex-wives harassing! Who’s bad in the situation?”, Said a Sao Paulo fan. “This boy with a good head would be a great player but if he starts to get confused he’ll be just another player.” Another fanatic was stuck in São Paulo.

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Other fans ordered the Palmeiras striker to override Sao Paulo’s decision to release him and said the 15-year-old would never play like the Anthony revealed by Tricolor who is now successful in European football. “It will never be Anthony Matthews”, Class of fans. “Get over it, young man,” Another bigot joked in Sao Paulo. “To make waves, you have to stop being a promise and become a reality.”Another member of the crowd concluded.