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Flamengo performance: Gerson and Polgar lead a team that beat Vasco |  Flamingo

Flamengo performance: Gerson and Polgar lead a team that beat Vasco | Flamingo

Mathews Cunha [GOL]: He asked little in the first half, but put in a good defense in the second half. He misses out on a ball that almost leads to an attack on Vasco and he lunges for some bids. Note: 6.5.

Flamengo players celebrate Eric Polgar’s goal against Vasco – Photo: Andre Durao

Wesley [LAD]: He played a good defensive game, in addition to participating a lot in attack. Uncompromising safe performance. Note: 6.5.

Fabricio Bruno [ZAG]: Another good game, with good reflexes and safe passes on the ball out. Note: 7.0.

David Louis [ZAG]: A quiet performer, he was a defensive safe and won volleys. Actively participate in ball outings. Note: 7.0.

Ayrton Lucas [LAE]: He played a secret match until he appeared in the two goals he scored. He appeared a bit more in the second half with a good exchange of passes on the left side. Note: 7.5.

Eric Polgar [VOL]: Another perfect performance. The highlight is his good ball output, with vertical passes. Some careful recoveries have been made. Note: 9.0.

Thiago Maya [VOL]: Good performance, safe and well educated. Note: 6.5.

Gerson [MEI]: Excellent performance, leading the midfield and filling all the spaces. Top game defensively and offensively. Make a ridiculous penalty. Note: 9.0.

Arascaita [MEI]: Excellent first half performance, especially for being in his second game back. The second half was played more discreetly, as did the whole team. Grade: 8.0.

Pedro [ATA]: He appeared in the middle in some moments, and scored a goal to the left of Ayrton Lucas’ kick. He held his defense well, but conceded too few balls to have clear scoring chances. Note: 7.0.


Victor Hugo [VOL]: He missed a kick immediately after entering it. I tried some offensive moves. She didn’t concede defensively. Note: 5.5.

Philip Lewis [LAE]: no note.

Everton Cipolineha [ATA]: He entered last and was involved in a few offensive plays on the left side. Grade: 5.0.

“Flamengo only play on Mondays if they are going to beat Vasco,” jokes Arthur| crowd sound

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