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Fla-Flu duo object to Vasco x Sport in Maracanã;  Competing calls for reconsideration

Fla-Flu duo object to Vasco x Sport in Maracanã; Competing calls for reconsideration

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Consortium Maracanaalong with the duo Fla-flowwho runs the stadium in partnership, opposing the match between Vasco And the sportsfor the second division Brazilian ChampionshipIn the field. The competitor responded in a statement to the administrators’ allegations and demanded a reconsideration of the decision.

One of the reasons for the refusal is the fact that there is already a match scheduled for the Maracana less than 24 hours before. fluorescence and Corinthians They face each other on Saturday 2 July at 4:30 pm, while Vasco and Sport play on Sunday 3 July at 4:00 pm. Check excerpts from the note:

It appears that “this ‘rule’ was created only to justify the refusal to hold the match between Vasco da Gama vs Sport in the Maracana. In a brief survey conducted by the club, this fact was found to be frequent in the Maracana, especially in games involving CR flamingo or Fluminense FC, including the current season of the Brazilian Championship. From October 11-17, 2020, four matches took place in just seven days. This justification cannot be accepted as reasonable. The curtailment of Vasco da Gama’s right to operate in the Maracana leads, once again, to a lack of equal conditions for use of the stadium by major clubs in Rio de Janeiro, which directly violates the precarious term provisions of permission to use. Occurred. with the state government.

Considering the importance of the game (second versus fifth place in Series B, in a direct dispute to get to Series A), in the overall success that Vasco vs. Sea trip (including caravans and tours of fans from all regions of the country), moving the economy, generating revenue and income for individual entrepreneurs and for the state, Vasco da Gama refuses to try to prevent more of his fans from escorting the club with the use of public equipment three times the capacity of the São Januaro stadium and awaits A re-emergence of the Maracana Federation”.